About Touchie Freedom Community
Touchie is a Freedom Community. It has several interesting features and functions and it is definitely worth a try.

All about the social network Touchie

Touchie is a current novelty among social networks. It has several interesting features and functions and it is definitely worth a try. In this article, we are going to tell you everything you can expect from the Touchie network and how it actually works.

The social network – Touchie was created only recently, but it is fully ready for the users. Our network differs from the competition in a few ways. It offers more features, better clarity, safety, security, and many other benefits, all of which are detailed below.



Touchie: Everything you need to know!

If you´re interested in our network and would like to become a part of it, simply click the Register button and fill out the short form. We respect your privacy, so all you need to register is your name and e-mail. Once you've completed and confirmed your registration, you can customize your profile photo, banner, and more. After logging in, you might enjoy the overall layout of the network, especially the design, which is simple, clear, but most of all stylish. In terms of features, you can find here all the basic features, such as timeline, stories, news, photos, albums, saved posts, groups, ads, job postings, events, paid ads, and also boost posts. The network also offers space for companies or individuals that offer job offers or promotions. You can post such offers or promotions on personal and business websites, where you can effortlessly publish everything. A blog is an excellent alternative if you enjoy writing. Here, everyone can create their own full-fledged articles and publish them. On our social network, we use credits. These are given to each user based on their overall social network activity. Users can spend them on, for example boosting posts, advertisement, or sending them to friends.

Don't hesitate and register on the new social network Touchie as well!



Why is the new social network Touchie worth a try?

Almost everyone nowadays has at least one profile on a social network. Every social network tries to offer something different, but they are all very similar. If you´ve had enough of old, uninteresting social networks and you would like to try something a lot more exciting, the new social network - Touchie is just for you.

We live in times when social networks are visited by millions of people around the world every day. Thanks to them, you can be in touch with the community, watch funny videos, or you can see what your favorite influencer ate for breakfast. Touchie is a new social network that has introduced several interesting elements and novelties and is certainly worth a try.



All about the social network Touchie

If you have decided to register on the Touchie social network, or are considering it, take a moment to read this article. We will explain what features you can expect and what benefits our network offers. At first glance, you'll be drawn to the overall design, which is based on the same principle as Facebook. You can find here all the basic features, including a timeline, stories, news, photos, albums, saved posts, groups, business or personal sites, job postings, events, paid ads, and posts boosting. You can publish job offers or any events that might interest visitors on your personal and business sites. Another excellent option is the blog, as it allows anyone to write and publish their full-fledged articles. Each user receives credits for their activity on the social network, which they can later use on boosting posts, advertising, or they can send them to friends. Security is also taken care of, so you don't have to worry about anything.

Don´t hesitate and try the new social network Touchie as well!



Adding posts

Touchie, like any other social network, allows all users to post. This article will explain how and why you should add posts.

The primary goal of the social network - Touchie is to connect people, so adding posts is one of the basic functions. However, unlike other social networks, this option has a much wider range of applications. The most important information about the posts is provided below.


How to add posts?

On the Touchie network, you can add posts. This option allows you to add photos or albums, ads, and a blog, but it also allows you to create a group or an event. Simply click the + button, which you can find at the top of the menu. You will then select the option you want to add and you will be moved accordingly. If you want to add a nice photo or more photos, select the option to create an album. Then add a photo and a description. When you're done, click publish and your album will be published to the site and visible to others right away. If you like to write articles, you can write and publish them via the option to create a blog.

After selecting this option, you´ll be taken to a page where you can add a title, description, article itself, as well as an image or category. When done, just click the publish button again and your article will be online. You can also place ads here. You can pay for this option or use credits. If you don't have any credits and want to use this feature, you'll need to send money to your profile's wallet. Once you have money in your profile, you can fine-tune your advertising campaign exactly to your liking. In addition to these options, you can also create new groups, events, or sites. Adding posts regularly can earn you credits that you can use to boost your posts or create the above-mentioned advertisement.

Don´t hesitate and feel free to start posting on Touchie too!



Use of credits

In addition to various interesting elements, the social network Touchie tries to attract users in other ways as well, including the ability to collect and use credits. Below you'll find information on how to use the credits on the network and how to obtain them.

To reward people for their activity, you can find credits on the Touchie social network which have a wide range of applications and are available to all users.

How to get credits and where to use them?

If you are registered on our network, you have the opportunity to start earning and then use Touchie credits. If you'd like to start earning credits, you have several options for doing so. The basis is the activity on the network and the interaction associated with it. You can get credits for your activity as follows. You can get a reward of 5 credits for adding a new post, 3 credits by commenting on any post, and 1 credit for a reaction on a post. For creating a new blog, you can earn the most credits, 20 in particular, so if you want to earn a lot of credits, this is the way to go.

Credits are added to your account gradually, and you then have a variety of options for how to use them on the network. You can, for example, use your credits to boost posts or to spend them on an ad that you would otherwise have to pay for. If you don't know where to spend your credits, you can send them to a friend who might be able to use them better than you. Finally, there is the opportunity to conveniently exchange credits for goods or services. Credits can be exchanged for money, in terms of 1000 credits = 1€. You can view more information about credits and the overall status of your account by clicking on the profile icon and selecting the credits/points option.

Don´t wait and start using credits on the social network Touchie as well!